Stephanie Harmon/ November 5, 2019/ Annoucement, Important Notices

Front Entry Feature Concepts

Many homeowners have inquired why it is necessary to do this project?

For the past five years we have been making repairs to the features to get them to run, in some way, for the season.  We have reached a point that in order to have these features run as designed and to repair the stone work, large portions of the features would need to be taken down and rebuilt.  There are broken pipes under the and behind the waterfalls and the front collection ponds are leaking.

The Board has meet with 3 qualified vendors regarding re-doing the front entry features.  Each vendor was asked to create their concept for the community to review.  We have placed these concept boards in the front lobby of the clubhouse.  The Board would like the homeowners to provide their feedback by selecting their favorite design.  Please select the corresponding number of the design you would like vote for and write your name and address on the back of the card and place in the box provided.

The concept boards will be kept up until Friday, November 15th.

Ballroom 2 closed to cards today for voting

Regency is an official polling place and we utilize Ballroom 2.
This room will remain closed today to all other activity.

Tennis Pavilion

Thank you for your cooperation yesterday so that we were able to have the pavilion carpet professionally cleaned.  All tables and chairs have been reset and the pavilion is open.

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