From left: Nat Grisancich, Frank Perrelli, Evelyn Canter,Mary Caccamo, Carmine Carrara, Angela Bruno, Kathy Bracco, Kathy Soffer, Allan Ellis, Sandy Farinola, Allan Kahn, Phil Bracco, Steve Schnell, Lenny Mongelli, Bob Cheret and Howard Wachs.

Chair: Carmine Carrara (

  • Our bocce season commences on Wednesday April 17th 2019 and ends on Wednesday October 16th 2019. Our courts are located behind the outdoor pool area.
  • Call Carmine Carrara at 732 656 3134 to sign up or just stop by the bocce courts.

Tournament Information:

Our tournaments consist of the Olympics and the Mayors Cup. The Olympics were held last season at our courts here at the Regency. Hopefully it will be held here again on June 2019.
The Mayors Cup is always held late September at Thompson Park, Monroe township.
We also have in house tournaments durning the bocce season here at the regency.

We love teaching and training new players on how to play the game and helping them to learn the rules and regulations of bocce. Once they learn the game it’s very enjoyable and relaxing.

I Carmine Carrara, president of the bocce club, would like to extend an invitation to all residents to join us in these activities.

Games: Every Monday and Wednesday at 6 p.m. at the Bocce Courts