Board President Stuart Z. Goldstein has been a financial services executive and senior Corporate Communications counselor to CEOs for more than 30 years. For two decades, he served as Chief Spokesperson and Managing Director of Corporate Communications & Public Affairs for the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) in New York.

DTCC is the largest trade clearing house and securities depository in the world, and settles the financial obligations for virtually all U.S. trading in equities, bonds, government and mortgage-backed securities, mutual funds, and annuity transactions… $5 trillion daily ($1.7 quadrillion annually).

Prior to this, he was a spokesperson for American Express and led National Public Affairs at Citicorp. His early career included appointment by the NJ Attorney General to serve as a State Ombudsman and he headed Legislative Affairs for the State’s Public Advocate.

Mr. Goldstein has co-authored two books explaining in plain English the inner workings of U.S. Capital Markets. He graduated from The College of New Jersey with a B.A. in English and earned his M.A. in American Government from Rutgers University.

Before serving as the Board president, Mr. Goldstein served four years as president of a large condo association/high rise building in Long Branch, so he has financial management experience, knowledge of legal issues and a commitment to communicating regularly with homeowners to listen and address concerns.