Kaitlyn Njoroge/ November 19, 2018/ Important Notices

Attention All Homeowners: Please read completely

Management has met with Comcast to create a schedule for homeowners to switch from Bulk Service to Residential.

Homeowners’ may now use 844-389-4406.   It is important that you contact the number we provide so that your address is removed from the bulk billing correctly. 


Comcast will be holding on site appointments based on the following schedule. This is for homeowners who have ONLY 1 or 2 services and are looking to add/upgrade and would like to speak with someone face to face. 

We are scheduling these dates by appointment.  Each appointment is blocked for 1 hour

Appointments are being offered on: 

Monday, Nov 26th – Tuesday, Nov. 27th and Thursday, Nov. 29th

Beginning at 9:00am – Last appointment at 5:00pm

If you would like to schedule an appointment you must contact Stephanie.harmon@fsresidential.com or Jennifer.holman@fsresidential.com

I can’t make the dates that have been assigned, and would like to speak with someone face to face?

Comcast has designed a team for an in-home visit. This is designed for residents who would like to add additional services to their account like internet or landline.  If a resident doesn’t have Comcast at all and would like to see what packages are available this Team can assist.

In order to schedule an in-home visit please contact Stephanie (Stephanie.harmon@fsresidential.com) or Jennifer (jennifer.holman@fsresidential.com) by email with the following information:

Name – Address – Best Contact Number

Preferred Date and Time – Services you are interested in

Once received Management will place information on scheduling sheet and forward to Comcast.


1.   Our current service will remain live into December if Comcast requires extra time to switch homeowners from Bulk to Residential service.

2.   Homeowners may begin researching current promotions on Comcast.com and self-educate on the many different services offered by Comcast. We have also attached a flyer of the current Triple Play Packages being offered.

3.   Regency Homeowners will be considered New Customers and will be entitled to all promotions being offered at this time.  Triple play promotion material has been attached.


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