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The Board has been working closely with Management, conducting oversight & guiding the process.   We have included short highlights on our progress in other emails, but this communication is intended to give you a more detailed overview.

Since the last Board meeting on September 7th we have been working to overcome an unanticipated stumbling block. While preparing the foundation for the new guardhouse, we discovered buried electrical and water lines that were previously unknown. How is this possible? Well, Toll Brothers did not have any plan documents for the guardhouse showing this information (called “as built” drawings).

This was significant! While the Township fast tracked approval our building plans‎, finding unknown conduits (pipes for water & electrical) could completely derail the project. The Township had the right to require the re-drawing of Regency plan documents–a 6-8 week process.

Management took the lead‎ over the past 4 weeks, to work with several Township departments & experts (water, electric, irrigation, phone, cable) to trace any/all conduit lines and check for viability. This work has now been successfully completed.

However, the identification of unknown utilities,  the Board and Management found it necessary to make a slight modification to the design plan. This change required approvals from the HOA’s Architect and Monroe Township.

The Township (Mayor, Business Administrator, and key department heads) have been real partners with the HOA’s efforts.

We have submitted new plan drawings (required by law) to the township and have obtained our approvals to move forward.  The remainder of this week will be spent, hand digging for all new utility lines and to prep for the installation of the new foundation.  We are currently scheduled to begin the installation of the foundation on Monday, October 9th.

The foundation of the guardhouse was the most critical (and time consuming) part of this project. We regret not having the Toll Brothers plans ‎for the original guardhouse. These events underscore why the Board has been reluctant to set a timeframe on the completion of the guardhouse.

The construction of the actual building will begin shortly….and should move quickly.

The Board and Management has worked though many unforeseen challenges to this point, but we are confident that construction can move forward now. In the meantime, on a parallel track, we have been working to install the new security gates.

We will give you a further update at the upcoming Board meeting on Wednesday, October 25th and in follow up emails.


Stephanie Harmon, CMCA, AMS, PCAM

Community Manager

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