In 2013, Gerry was voted one of the Top 3 Real Estate Executives by CoreNet Global.

What Gerry brings to the community:

Accomplished professional specializing in the creation, buy-in and implementation of real estate strategies, advanced designs, transactions and implementation of both retail and corporate real estate.

Enterprise Real Estate Expertise – Award-winning executive with experience across many facets of retail and corporate real estate including deployment strategy, design strategy, purchasing and vendor management strategy, energy, wellness and sustainability.

Influential Business Leader – Utilizes strategic management and executive leadership skills to influence internal change, inspire trust and negotiate effectively.

Strategic Business Transformation – Create and execute long-term real estate strategy, streamline processes and rebalance value proposition towards strategic activities.

Expense Control – Proven ability to enhance asset value, invest strategically and drive occupancy costs down.

Wellness & Sustainability – Passion about designing highly efficient work environments focused on wellness, productivity and strategic placement, leading to a high degree of employee satisfaction.