Kaitlyn Njoroge/ January 24, 2019/ Important Notices

As we begin the process of Transition 2, the Board anticipates working with Toll Brothers to correct any and all defects/deficiencies currently in common areas of Phase 7 & 8.

In conjunction with the survey mailed to and completed by residents in phases 7 & 8, the Association’s engineering firm – O & S Engineers will be inspecting the areas of concern in these common areas.

As in Transition 1, this matter concerns the entire community.  The reason is straightforward; with a successful negotiation in our Transition 2 efforts, the burden of repair doesn’t fall on the HOA.

The below Question & Answer document on the Transition 2 process will provide a majority of answers for this upcoming process.  If any questions remain, please make the Board aware of your concerns.

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