Stephanie Harmon/ June 28, 2019/ Important Notices

CTP #4  Nat Willner  24’8″
CTP #7  Charles LaPalme  29’7″

1st Place-33 Charles Lapalme, Elaine Hathaway, Ralph Boccia, Joyce Boccia

1st Place-33 John Davis, Larry Kaye, Ira Cohen, Gianni Fanizza

2nd Place- 35  Hank Josephs, Connie Josephs, Rick Friedman, Joann Friedman

3rd Place-36  Rich Smilowitz, Cindy Smilowitz, Jay Horowitz, Rita Horowitz

Men’s Play Day Results

CTP-#8  Andrew Busch  28’5″

1st Jerry Scott and Bob Pincu 22
2nd Andrew Busch and Charles Berhang 23
2nd Staurt Loss and Charles Kaplan 23
3rd Bruce Gillman and Bob Schaffter 24

1st Don Haback and Les Goldberg 20
2nd Dave Offenberg and Prem Gupta 23
2nd Fred Impson and Ed Leski 23
2nd Steve Schnell and Lou Gerber 23

Both Players needed to be in the same flight to be a team.  If you were not in same flight you were re-paired with a player in the same flight.

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