Stephanie Harmon/ April 9, 2020/ Important Notices

Dear Regency residents,

The Struggle is Real…  And I get it…however the community has Rules and Regulations that must be followed by EVERY community member and your guests.  Over the course of the past week the following blatant violations are happening throughout the community …

Vandalism of garbage of cans – unacceptable behavior in our community

-Walking of dogs and children riding bikes and scooters on the PEDESTRIAN walking path.  This path is for WALKING only.

-Golf Course is CLOSED – No one, which applies to every member of the community and any guests currently in Regency, is to be any on the golf course for any reason- chipping balls, practicing putting, children running around etc.  There is zero tolerance for this activity and Golf Management has been instructed to contact the police if anyone is observed playing golf.   You may continue to walk the cart path holes 4 through 9, provided homeowners are maintaining social distancing.  The path holes 1 through 3 is closed to all walkers as it is in need of repair.

Congregating on HOA owned property – Recently there has been observation of homeowners sitting in the Tennis Pavilion parking lot in lawn chairs. THIS BEHAVIOR MUST STOP IMMEDIATELY.  We will be closing the entrance to the parking lot and if necessary authorities will be notified.

Walking in the community – I understand that everyone wants to get out and exercise by taking a walk or a bike ride – there is a SOCIAL DISTANCING ORDER in place.  Be mindful and respectful to your follow homeowners.

Keep your distance, DO NOT WALK IN GROUPS, stay on sidewalk – Walkers DO NOT own the road, vehicles are still moving through the community

Children in the community – currently there are many children in the community, which in itself is a violation of the Governors directive to Stay Home.  No child is to be out in the community unescorted, they are not members of the Association and they have been observed behaving recklessly in the community, by ME on a daily basis.  All children must be accompanied by an ADULT at all times when outside the home they are visiting.

Pick up after your dog –  I have observed on a regular basis during my morning inspections dog feces being left on sidewalks, clubhouse parking lot and the path around the tennis courts. THIS MUST STOP

Garbage Cans – Cans are to be stored in your garage.  Not on the side of the house and not in front of the garage.  Management will begin writing violations and initiating the established fining process.

These are difficult times for everyone.  We must remain a COMMUNITY and respect each other.  We still have a way to go with the current situation and it is going to get harder everyday…we need to remain REGENCY STRONG!!!


Stephanie Harmon, Community Manager

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