Kaitlyn Njoroge/ February 14, 2019/ Important Notices

In our last communication regarding the indoor pool we stated that the pool will be open by mid-March.

As of now, we are on schedule and the indoor pool area is looking great! Watch the video below for yesterday’s #WackyWednesday Indoor Pool Update from your Manager, Stephanie Harmon.

After removing the scaffolding used to replace the ceiling, Management and our pool management company walked the entire pool surface.  As a result of our inspection, we found some cracked, lifted and hollow areas in the surface and we made the decision to resurface the entire pool and replace the decorative tile. Since we are taking this extra step of resurfacing, we are taking advantage of the opportunity presented and adding tile lane markers to the bottom of the pool for our lap swimmers.

Additionally, we our updating our Bonding and Grounding Certificate. Every facility is required to have the pool tested every 5 years – our certificate does not actually expire until May of 2020 – however in order to correctly test the pool, it must be emptied – we are again taking advantage of the current situation and updating our certificate now.

The grey concrete pool deck is looking faded and washed out. On Friday, we will be sealing the floor to bring back the luster and we are adding a material known as Shark Grip, which is a slip resistant additive.

Once all the repair work is completed, the pool will be placed on a 3 week slow fill in order for the new surface to cure properly.

We appreciate your continued patience while we restore the indoor pool and spa and we will continue to provide updates.

Thank you.

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