Kaitlyn Njoroge/ March 15, 2019/ Important Notices

So what’s going on with the indoor pool?

We have completed all the scheduled work.

-New HVAC de-humidification system

-Removal and replacement of ceiling

-New Insulation and Vapor Barrier

-Re-surface of the pool and spa

-Installation of tiled lap lanes

With all the work above being completed, why hasn’t the pool opened?
In our last update on Feb. 13th we advised that the pool would be placed on a slow-fill process in order for the new surface to cure properly.  Additionally, in order to remove any plaster dust, the pool must be brushed every day, 2x per day for 14 days, and then finally a balancing of chemicals.

What is all the additional work that is happening on the pool deck?
There has been a small leak in the auto-fill line (which is the domestic water line from the clubhouse basement to the pool) which we knew had to be fixed during this closure.  We brought in many different types of leak detection companies in order to provide direction of where the line is leaking.  After 3 exploratory digs of 10ft in depth – we have been unable to locate. Yesterday we made the decision to abandon trying to locate the pipe and instead to cut a trench around the pool and install all new pipe.  At the suggestion of Dan Tanzi (thank you Dan) we will be installing a second capped line at the same time, so that if this ever happens again in the future, it will be a simple connection.
Was this something we should have known about during Transition?
No….the transition report was prepared in August of 2015, there was no indication of the fill line leaking then or for the last 3 years.  We first observed the leak in the basement right before the closure in June for the HVAC replacement, ceiling rehab, etc.

When will the pool open?
We are anticipating opening the indoor pool within the next couple of weeks.
We will provide a definitive date once we have completed the fill line project and have restored the pool deck.

Thank you for your continued patience and cooperation – we appreciate you!
NOTE:  Our crews will be working from 7:00am – 5:00pm for the next few days in order to complete the project.  For your safety and the safety of the crew – we ask all homeowners to refrain from Entering and Exiting the clubhouse from the spa level.  You may access the Fitness Room from the main lobby and the hair salon will be accessible from the back hallway door.  Thank you

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