Stephanie Harmon/ April 9, 2019/ Important Notices

With the arrival of spring, the Regency management team is working diligently to get all our amenities ready for another great season. As we prepare for the April 1st opening day of golf, we are excited for all our residents to have golf course membership and expect it to once again be a main feature of our community.

This year, along with the re-opening of our warm up range in late April, we are also in year one of a three year golf course renovation and beautification project. We are working collaboratively with Applied Golf, our golf course management company, who are experts in the field with decades of golf management experience. We value their assistance in making the correct decisions to improve our course. The Board, Management and Applied Golf all have the same vision for the future of Regency golf and it is a bright one.

A couple of homeowners have expressed their disappointment at the current condition of the course. While we provided a future rendering and presentation from Applied Golf’s Dave Wasenda at last week’s Public Board meeting, some home owners are concerned about the remaining tree stumps visible from homes and on the course. Management and the Board identified tree stumps of varying sizes and worked with our tree service to remove whatever was safely accessible with their equipment. After our inspection this week, we determined all remaining stumps are either in or bordering water or are on slopes preventing access by stump grinding equipment.

As the weather warms and the golf maintenance staff returns, residents will notice improvements continuing on the course. While we tackle the eventual removal of remaining stumps and debris, other work will be done. Areas once inaccessible by trees and overgrowth will become healthy turf and provide better playability to novice and experienced golfers alike. You will also notice healthier tee boxes and more attractive areas along the cart path, along with spectacular views of the clubhouse and course. We will be relocating and blocking the wood fence at hole 3 with trees and restoring all wood structures which include bridges and bulkheads.

The Board and Management wish everyone a happy spring and hope to see everyone on the course. We appreciate your patience during the golf course renovation.

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