Stephanie Harmon/ April 9, 2019/ Important Notices

All of the community gates are functioning properly, however we continue to have daily issues due to improper speed and/or use of remotes.

On Friday, I personally was at the Championship Gates for over 45 minutes, in which I observed vehicles racing up Championship Drive to exit, and then wondering why the gates would not open.

All of the exit gates are activated by a sensor, if you are traveling at a high speed, (which you should not be doing inside the community) the sensor is unable to see your car.

At the Championship exit gate, the sensor will begin to see your vehicle as you approach the white lane dividers. Your speed should not be in excess of 15mph as you approach.

If the gate does not go up, this is NOT an invitation to get out of your car and vandalize the gate for you to exit. This activity has been occurring regularly, specifically by an individual in a Black Ford Taurus exiting the community at 7:00am on weekends. Please be reminded that the Association has installed cameras at all gates and we do review regularly. Any costs to repair gates due to misuse will be charged to the individual responsible.

Finally, it is NOT necessary to push your remote when exiting the community – this will only trigger the entrance gate to open.

Entering the Community

You should always allow an open gate to close prior to using your remote.

Only proceed through gate when it is in the full upright position.

Check remote annually. Your remote takes a battery, if the red light on your remote is not bright red or flickering; you need to change the battery.


Stephanie Harmon
Property Manager

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