Stephanie Harmon/ June 28, 2019/ Important Notices


Attention Homeowners:

The Clubhouse is equipped with 2 parking lots, I realize the majority of the community likes to park in the pro shop lot, however when that lot is full, you must park in the outdoor pool lot.

DO NOT PARK – on the island curbs or the long curb of the pro shop lot.  We have maintenance equipment that needs access to the rear of the pro shop, dumpster pick up in that area, as well as deliveries that need access.  If you park there, your car is subject to being towed.  We cannot and will not turn away deliveries due to cars double parked.

If damage is done to your car, neither the Association nor vendor will be responsible for cars improperly parked in the lots.

Thank you.


Stephanie Harmon
Property Manager
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