Kaitlyn Njoroge/ November 15, 2018/ Important Notices

Dear Homeowner:

The HVAC project is nearing completion and there are many questions being asked of the Board on the status of the project.  We have put together commonly asked questions.

Questions and Answers

1.  When is completion of the HVAC expected?

The installation of the HVAC equipment for phases 1 to 3 is completed.  This includes the lower level, the SPA level, Main Floor and Ball Rooms.
The Pool Area (phase 4) should be completed in December. The Control System and Balancing of Air Flows are being worked on and should be completed in November for Phases 1 to 3.

2.  What is the BACNET (Control System)?

The BACNET is the backbone for our integrated control system.  This control system ties in the individual HVAC in each area, the base board heating, make up air control (fresh air from outside) and CO2 detections. Once these elements are linked the system can regulate the temperature and air quality to maintain a preset temperature for each area.

This system also has warnings that will be monitored 24/7 by a service as well as our own staff.  If an issue is detected, it can be resolved remotely or a service call is placed. Stephanie and her Team will be able to see these errors and warnings real time.

3.  Why has it taken so long to get temperature in each room controlled?

For the HVAC to be able to function as designed, we had to have all the pieces in place. Each room has an individual HVAC unit installed.  The Make Up Air unit is tied in and then the Controllers needed to be connected.  In some rooms the base board heating also needed to be tied in.  Once all pieces are connected, we had to do calibration of the thermostat to the HVAC internal temperature elements, set up air balancing and let unit’s internal memory learn.

We are now in the learning stage. Once done we will see a better controlled environment.

4.  What is the total cost of the project?

We are still finalizing the final costs of this project.  The planned budget was $1.4 Million.We have had some change orders and there are a few items pending.  We are planning a full itemized review in January when the project has been completed.

We would like to thank all the homeowners for your continued patience during this HVAC transition.

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