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February Board Article

Kaitlyn Njoroge/ February 4, 2019/ Board Articles

By: Gerry Guidice, Board of Directors Trustee  For those who I have not met, my name is Gerry Guidice. To be very clear, I am NOT any relation to Teresa Giudice from the “Housewives of New Jersey” cast (thank goodness).    I have now served on the board for six months. I am honored to have been elected, and am excited about this opportunity to serve.

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January Board Article

Kaitlyn Njoroge/ January 2, 2019/ Board Articles

By: Stuart Goldstein, President of the Regency Board of Directors A New Year’s wish to everyone in our community that you have a healthy, happy and stress-free 2019—and beyond. This time of year is great for looking back, taking stock and considering what’s really important in our lives. My colleagues in prior columns have covered the landscape of the Board’s

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