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JULY 20 2019

Following is a recap of the Cafe Town Hall presentation including comments and suggestions provided by the audience.
HOA Presentation

In light of the current cafe contract expiring 12/31/2019, we began the process of meeting with vendors at the beginning of this year.  The HOA met with several food providers, such as: Bagel Bazaar, Gus’ Diner, Knob Hill, Luchento’s, Sir Ives, Tuscany, and David (our current cafe vendor.)

We also met with residents who have expertise in the food services industry. The interested vendors, as well as others, advised us that we would need to establish financial guarantees. This would be done by implementing a voucher/debit program to be used at the cafe.  In order to accomplish this, there would be an additional $10 per month per household as part of our common charges. This money would be returned to you in the form of a voucher / debit card that you will be able to redeem during the course of the year by purchases at the cafe.  This concept is in the preliminary phase of discussion and once a vendor has been selected, the Board will work with that party to finalize and fine tune how the program will work.

In order to ensure each interested party was submitting a proposal based on the HOA’s general requirements, we distributed an RFP (Request for Proposal) that included the following but was not limited to:

  • Hours 9am-3pm as a minimum
  • Daily and/or weekly specials
  • Outdoor grill offerings in the summer
  • Home delivery
  • Grab n’go options
  • Catering

Open discussion – The following items were captured from homeowner comments:

  • Expansion of the Grill Room
  • Build a standalone structure (restaurant)
  • Retrofit the pro shop
  • Utilize existing card rooms
  • Utilize the ballroom
  • Hire an independent restaurant designer.

The above suggestions are items that will take more time to thoroughly research as to their viability, amount of capital investment, town ordinances etc.

Additional Suggestions included: Dinner menu, extended hours on weekends during the outdoor pool season, remain open for community shows and events.

The Board’s immediate goal is the utilization of the café, as it exists now, in order to accommodate the community and maintain the amenity.  This goal can only be accomplished with homeowner participation through Town Halls and feedback collected from a community survey.


We had excellent attendance at the meeting, however we do want to obtain community wide feedback. A short survey will be mailed next week to all homeowners.

We ask that you complete the survey upon receipt and return to the clubhouse.
Your input is important to the Board.

Once the results of the survey have been tallied, the Board will have an open discussion with the community regarding next steps.

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