Kaitlyn Njoroge/ November 13, 2018/ Important Notices


Based on our earlier communication regarding Comcast, we received questions that may be beneficial to other homeowners, so we wanted to share them with you.


  1. Are these Meetings being offered this week?
    • No they are not Meetings. Comcast is offering these days for individuals who would like to speak to someone face to face regarding upgrading their service.  There will only be two representatives from Comcast here each day, which is why we have broken the community up into specific sections on specific days.  There are no appointments for these days; it will be first come first serve.  These days were put into place in an effort to begin the process in the absence of the 800 number for homeowners to contact Comcast directly.  As previously communicated, Comcast will be doing additional sign up days on Nov. 26th, 27th and 29th – these will require appointments.
    • Comcast is also offering In-Home appointments.  If you are looking to upgrade and want an in-home appointment, contact Stephanie or Jennifer and will we provide your information to Comcast.  They will reach out and schedule the appointment.
  2. I only have 2 services and do not wish to make any changes, what do I do?
    • Once the 800 number is distributed, you will contact Comcast directly.  Remember, you will be considered a New Customer and therefore entitled to any Double Play Promotions being offered.
  3.  I want to reduce my services – when can I do that?
    • When the 800 number is live.
  4.  We have FIOS and do not plan on switching – do we need to do anything?
    • No
  5.  I am already in Florida – what should I do?
    • You do not need to be in Jersey to contact Comcast once the 800 number is provided.  We will stress again, that you must use the 800 number we will be providing in order for the changes to take place correctly.



Tuesday, Nov. 13th – Should have stated All of Turnberry
Wednesday, Nov. 14th – Winnie Palmer is included.

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