Kaitlyn Njoroge/ March 15, 2019/ Important Notices

Gates Re-Opened

We have repaired and re-opened the Country Club / 613 Spotswood Englishtown Road gates.  Thank you for your cooperation during the repair.

Clubhouse Throughway Closed

The clubhouse main entrance throughway will be closed on Friday and Saturday, March 15th & 16th in order for us to repair the soffit underneath.  Please use alternate entryways into the clubhouse facility.

Feeding of Deer

It has been reported to the Management office that individuals have been leaving Deer Food in the common areas of lower Masters and Whitworth.  Please note this is not permitted within Regency, especially on common property.  Like any animal, once it is fed it continues to return, deer eat our plant material, flowers and carry a host of diseases.

Indoor Pool Update

We have completed the installation of the new auto fill line and we are in process of back filling the trench. On Friday, we are scheduled to pour the concrete.  The concrete will need to be sealed, the pool drained and filled with fresh water.  Chemicals will then be added and the heaters turned on.  We will provide an opening date soon.


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